Love Letter

So this weeks' prompt for the Journal52 challenge is "Love Letter." At first I thought I'd use something from Beethoven, because he wrote some fabulous love letters. But as I was searching around for the perfect snippet, I somehow decided that I'd rather do something more personal and more meaningful. So I pulled out some of the many poems I've written about my husband over the years, and I decided to use one of those instead. Here's what I created.

Love Letter Art Journal

The Hubs has never seen this poem; I actually seldom show anyone my poetry, which I've written for years. But with Valentine's Day approaching, and considering this year the Hubs and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary, I thought I'd do something special for him. He's not actually getting this page though, strange as that may sound. LOL. I want it to stay in my art journal. But I did do something with another copy of the poem to give to him instead. Although...if he really twisted my arm, I'd cave and give him this one too. :)

In case you're wondering, the background of this page is wallpaper that I wrinkled and adhered to the page. The hearts, made from posterboard, are actually underneath the tissue paper. Then I painted the blue background and the read hearts. Next I too a brown Gelato stick and dragged it over the raised parts of the paper, then blended with a wet finger. And then I wiped away areas here and there with a baby wipe to get some changes in value. And lastly, I added the poem, which I'd printed out and cut up, and distressed the edges with ink.

I really love how this turned out. The Hubs tends to not read my blogs, for whatever reason. Busy guy and all that. So hopefully he won't read least not before Friday. But, John, if you're reading this, please just pretend like you haven't seen your special poem when I give it to you on Friday. :)