Michael Jackson Moment

As a Michael Jackson fan, and as an artist, I find myself constantly wanting to use MJ as my inspiration for artwork. If he's not filling up ideas in my head for new projects, his music is filling up my studio (and I love that!). I had a  concert photo of Michael in his trademark fedora and sparkly jacket--the outfit he wore all those years ago on the Motown 25th Anniversary special, when he Moonwalked into history. That photo served as the starting point for this mixed media collage. And since I'm using this for a Gingersnaps Creations color challenge, the requirement for that was Shades of Blue.

Michael Jackson Art Moment

The canvas is painted with acrylics. I had planned to add some texture with a rubber stamp of sheet music, but forgot. I hate when that happens! But oh well...I added the photo and added some chipboard photo corners, which I embossed with silver to give them some depth. I distressed a hangtag and added a clock stamp to it, and added clock elements elsewhere as well. I added a calendar sticker, with "King of Pop" spelled out on top of it. The "o" in "Pop" is actually a heart sticker, which is difficult to see in this photo; and the point of the heart is actually pointing to MJ's birth date: August 29th. I added some rhinestones here and there for sparkle (MJ would love it, no?), a butterfly sticker (I love butterflies), some music notes, other little touches, and of course, a crown.

I really love how this turned out, but I'm still itching to do another MJ painting...so as soon as I find my inspiration photograph for that, I'll be getting that started.

Since this is an MJ-related art proejct, I think it's worth posting the link to MJ's historical performance at Motown, which inspired my creativity today.  Click the link below to watch a video of the King of Pop with his debut of the Moonwalk!

Crafty Storage

If you're like me, whether you have your own art studio or a craft room or space in your home, one of your biggest challenges is storage and organization. When I used to primarily just do oil painting in my studio, the space and storage was more than adequate, and I have loved it for years. And considering that my husband built my studio for me himself, I love it even more for that reason. But sadly, with all the new types of altered art and mixed media projects I've been doing, I have simply outgrown my studio. I need more storage, and more space, so that I can get organized and have plenty of room to do what I love to do: create!

I am in the process of designing a new studio, which we'll be creating in some unused/unfinished attic space we have in our home. So I'm in full design and planning mode. I've been buying books about studio design, and looking online for any photos I can use for inspiration. I have some really wonderful ideas and it's helping me as I plan my new creative space.

Just this evening I happened upon a great blog...you know how it is when you go blog hopping: one thing leads to another and you've visited a ton of blogs. It can be quite fun! It can also be so wonderful when you find one that will help you with something like planning for your crafty storage and organization. The blog I found is called simply, Crafty Storage. And that's exactly what it's all about.

No matter what size of space you have to work with, you are sure to find some great storage ideas on the Crafty Storage Blog. I've found so many great ideas there already, I just know I'm going to incorporate many of them into my new studio. So I really just wanted to share that link with you, in case you are looking for some crafty storage ideas as well.


Train Trestle Photos Grand Rapids Ohio

On a recent outing to Grand Rapids, Ohio, the Hubs and I did a little exploring on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Here are a couple of photos I took of a train trestle that runs over the Maumee River in Grand Rapids. (Click to Enlarge)

Train Trestle Photo 1

Train Trestle Photo 2

We've visited Grand Rapids many times since we've lived in Northwest Ohio. It's a great little historic town, with lots of little shoppes and things to do and see. Worth a trip if you're ever in this part of the world.

Have a great weekend!

Red Lily Photographs

These photographs are of some beautiful red lilies that I planted at my daughter's house late last summer. They are opening up and looking so beautiful for the first time this season, I just had to snap some photos of them.

Red Lily Photo 1

Red Lily Photo 2

Red Lily Photo 3

There's something so beautiful about a lily...especially one this color. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed photographing it. And gosh, I think I need to plant some of these in my own yard!

Peony Photographs

The holiday weekend was a wonderful chance to get out and enjoy some sunshine and a bit of nature as well. So I grabbed my camera to get some photos at the same time.

Pink Peony Photo

White Peony Photo

Peonies are some of my absolute favorite flowers. They are so beautiful, and their scent is just heavenly! We bring some of these in each Spring and put them in a vase, and their scent fills the room for days on end. I just love them.  Hope you enjoy the photographs.