Just Breathe--At My Society6 Shoppe

I just realized this week that I never posted one of my latest mixed media girl paintings, Just Breathe, in my Society6 shoppe. So I did that this evening, because there is currently a Free Shipping sale going on at Society6, along with 10% off many items. Here's just a sampling of the products you can find my art on in my shoppe, including prints, of course.

Just Breath Art Chick Studio

The sale lasts until Sunday, September 25, at 11:59pm (PT). As I said, many items are 10% off. Combined with free shipping, that is a really great way to save money and get some art and/or products at the same time. 

I love the blank stationery cards--great to have on hand when you need a card for any occasion. You can also frame them so that you can have some small artworks around your home, at great savings. The cards are on good, heavy cardstock and the color reproduction is wonderful. 

I have several of the totes myself and they are a really good quality. I carry them to and from work with all my must-haves for the school day inside. And I swap them out when I feel like a change. I like the 16" size the best; the 13" is too small for my school stuff, and the 18" one is just a bit big--but it's great for taking on long car trips or as a tote to the beach or something. 

I get the 15oz mugs quite a bit (not pictured here) because they are a great size and the art photo fills almost all of the cup. I have a nice little collection of my favorite mixed media girls on the mugs and I use them every day!

The quality of the prints is wonderful, and I own one of the clocks too (also not pictured), which is in my studio. I always want to order a pillow because they look great--but I can never decide which one I like the best so I haven't ordered any of those yet. I will one day though. :) The phone cases are quite durable and very pretty. Oh, and I have one of the large carryall pouches--very handy for make up, or would even be great for art supplies on the go. There are too many products in the shoppe to show you here. Just hop on over to my shoppe and have a peek.

Christmas will be here before you know it, gang. So now is a good time to start your shopping!