She Could Fly Fairy

I finished a new Mixed Media painting in the studio over the weekend. And another little fairy is born. :)

She Could Fly Fairy Art

She loved to DREAM
for in her dreams she could FLY

I messed up her hand and had to put a flower on it. LOL. But nobody's perfect, right?

Flutter Fae

Some more Fairy Art was finished in the studio over the weekend. I love how she turned out!

Flutter Fae Mixed Media

My Flutter Fae was created using Neocolor Crayons and Inktense blocks, a touch of acrylic paint pen and some Pitt Artist pens. She's on watercolor paper instead of canvas this time and 7x10 in size. I think I'm going to frame this one and keep her in the studio. :)

Dream Girl is California Dreaming

My amazing and wonderful friend, Lori, who was the maid of honor at my wedding way back in 1984, asked me recently to paint for her something that could she could use on the cover of her idea journal. She said I could paint whatever I wanted...but that maybe it could have flowers, or fairies, or something. I started with flowers, and almost did a fairy too. But I decided to use a fabulous figure stamp by one of my fave artists, Suzi Blu instead. And I love how it turned out.

Dream Girl Mixed Media

I added all the color and embellishments with Inktense Blocks, Neocolor Crayons, a bit of acrylics, and some paint pens. There is also some stenciling in the background. I call her Dream Girl...and to me she is dreaming of flowers in lots of pretty colors. :)

Now she is California Dreaming, because California is her new home. And Lori loves her, which just proves that homemade art from the heart is always the best gift for best friends. ♥