High School Art Throw Back Thursday

I've started moving my outdoor studio into a spare room in my house, since my outdoor studio is out of commission. My husband built that studio and I've always loved it, but I think the move indoors will be a good one. I'll have everything close by for whenever I want to get creative, and everything will be temperature controlled--unlike my outdoor studio, which only had A/C when I was out there using it. So, I ended up with lots of supplies getting ruined and thrown out. I'll still keep my stained glass supplies and some other odds and ends I don't use as much outside though, so the building will still get some use. I'm looking forward to getting a new indoor creative space though!

As I've been moving stuff inside, I look in wonder at all of the supplies and projects I've amassed over the years...all the way back to my high school art days. I have a small collection of projects from my high school Ceramics class, so I thought I'd share those as a Throwback Thursday post.

First up, a simple slab pot with a 2-color glaze. It's not very impressive, I grant you. But it's functional, and I like the colors. It's the perfect size for paintbrushes or pens.

High School Ceramics - Art Chick Studio