Mixed Media Heart Art

I finally made it back into the studio over the weekend. It sure has been awhile. I've become obsessed with genealogy again (after a 20 year break) and spending a lot of time on it. It's fun! But I was feeling the need to be creative again so I spent yesterday in the studio.

My only plan when I went in there was to do something with a heart. I really had no ideas beyond that. And when I was digging around for a canvas I found some tissue paper I'd used to sort of 'clean' a stencil after I'd used it. So I stuck that on my canvas with some mat medium, and then picked a color I liked and painted it on. I love the texture that tissue paper makes on canvas, and painting on it just makes it more fun. 

After the blue color I used an old credit card to scrape on some white over the raised areas of tissue. Then I painted on some hearts, added some stamped letters, a few shadows and details, and voila, my Mixed Media Heart Art was finished!

Mixed Media Hearts

I like painting sometimes without a real plan. I had a heart in my head, but that's it. The rest just evolved from a found piece of tissue paper and a color I decided to use on the spot. This art isn't going to win any art contests, but I had a great time creating it and I love how it turned out. In the end, isn't that what matters most when we're creating?