My name is Tina (a.k.a.. Art Chick) and I'm just a gal who has always had a passion for the arts and anything creative. I love Art Journaling, mixed media, oils and watercolors. I also dabble in altered art, digital art, and photography, when the appropriate muse strikes. Sometimes I even create stained glass and many types of crafts. I also doodle a lot, especially while talking on the phone. I'm wild like that.

I have a BS in Art Education, as well as a Masters in Education, and a Masters in Educational Technology. I teach Technology and Art to grades K-6 in Northwest Ohio. This consumes a lot of time my time and seldom leaves me time for my own art. So I create more in the summertime. But no matter what, I am content to be at home, hanging out with my hubs, daughter, or grandkids, blogging, and "playing" in my studio.

My philosophy of Art is simple: Anyone can make Art. Some people have a whole lot of natural skills and talent. Others may have a strong desire to be creative, but have to work a little bit harder. But either way, anyone can make Art. If you focus more on just being creative, and less on how "good" your creations are, then you will be much happier with what you create. It's really more about the journey than the destination. So love the journey!

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In the words of Danny Kaye, "Life is a great big canvas...and you should throw all the paint on it you can."