Trumpet Flower Time

I love this time of year--not for the relentless heat that we've had for most of the summer. Rather, I love it because it's the time of year the Trumpet Flowers are in bloom!

Trumpet Flower Photography

These Trumpet Flowers came from the yard of my husband's late grandmother. We took some clippings after she passed away 13 years ago and planted them in our yard. They survived two moves within the yard, which was no small feat since these flowers don't tolerate replanting all that well! Others in the family took some clippings too, but we are the only ones with any of these flowers still growing. They bloom at night and then close with the heat of the day. I just happened to snap a photo of them on a partially overcast morning, after a light rain. They are beautiful. I'm so glad to have them in my yard each summer.

Know who else liked Trumpet Flowers?? Georgia O'Keeffe! See for yourself.

O'Keeffe Trumpet Flower Art

I love Georgia's flower works. She was inspired to paint, and I was inspired to take a photo. But I love that we both liked Trumpet Flowers. :)

MJ Black or White Digital Art

Just a little Michael Jackson Art, inspired by his Black or White short film, and its epic "Panther Dance."

MJ Black or White Digital Art

I'm grateful that MJ can still inspire a time when not much else does. Trying to get my art groove back since my mother's death has not been easy. But I'm still trying!