The Blue Tree Painting

I did something a little different in the studio recently when I created this Blue Tree acrylic painting.

It's very difficult to tell from the photo, but the tree is in relief. I used modeling paste over a tree stencil on a blank canvas, then I painted the background with shades of red. You can't see all the shades of red in the photo though. :( It's actually much darker than this photo portrays. I'm experimenting with lots of different techniques, and modeling paste was on my list of things to try. I'll definitely be using it again. I just wanted to get a feel for how it works and I loved the tree image.

The Blue Tree Mixed Media

I have another mixed media painting almost finished and ready to share as well. It's turning out to be one of my favorites of late. Hopefully I can finish that one up in the studio this weekend!

Fairy Pink

This Acrylic Painting is my latest creation after working in the studio yesterday. I'm calling it Fairy Pink, because she's a fairy with pink hair.

Fairy Pink Mixed Media

The colors are not reading accurately in the image above, just FYI. The background is a robin's egg light blue--which you can see at the very top of the painting. And her hair is not as red as it looks in this photo--it's more pink and white with some red in it. But hopefully you get the general idea. I had such fun painting her. I think she will have some fairy friends in the future!

Finished Beauty

I mostly finished my Beauty mixed media painting last weekend. I still need to seal it, but the painting part of it is complete.

Finished Beauty Mixed Media

I'm still getting used to working with acrylics, since I've been an oil painter most of my adult life. Even in high school I gravitated toward oils. But my goal this summer is to keep stretching my creative skills and working outside of my comfort zone--and I'm determined to keep moving forward. I like how this turned out, but I don't 'love' it. I did enjoy the process the most though! And it's given me ideas for other things.

I'm really just trying to find my own creative voice. I don't think I've ever had a creative voice that is uniquely me. You know, where you could look at my artwork and know that Tina Grimes painted that. It's frustrating. But that just makes me more determined than ever to find it. I wish my Mom was here to help me. She always had the best advice, creative or otherwise.

Also, just so you'll know, my blog/website was hacked recently, and I'm still working to get that fixed. [Thanks, Michael for being an ASS and proving that you never loved my mother.] So if my blog disappears briefly at any point in the near future, please don't give up on it. It's just part of the process of fixing everything. I basically have to delete everything here and reinstall it all. Assuming I don't screw it up in doing so. Please hang in there with me during this process. And if you don't follow me on Facebook you might want to, because I will post updates there if the blog will be down for any length of time.

Thanks a bunch!

King of Music Digital Art

This week's creative challenge theme at the Three Muses blog is MUSIC. So, of course, my music muse is always Michael Jackson--the King of Pop and the King of Music!

King of Music Michael Jackson Art

An epic moment from the Black or White short film...with a little digital magic thrown in.

Winged Elena Digital Art

I made some new Vampire Diaries Digital Art last night, featuring Elena (Nina Dobrev). Just wanted to share. :)

Winged Elena TVD Digital Art

Only a couple more episodes until the season finale. This season has been such a journey--lots of ups and downs. And the season finale is supposed to include a "declaration of love," destruction, tears, and someone taking the cure, according to producer, Julie Plec. Wow. I can't wait!

Progress on Beauty

Just an update to show this week's progress on my 'Beauty' mixed media painting. It's not finished yet, but I did get a lot done. And just a note--the background is not actually the color of blue that it appears to be in the photo. It's actually turquoise blue. I took this photo with my iPhone and it's never 100% great or accurate with photos that are taken indoors. But oh well.

Beauty in Progress Mixed Media

I actually hated this painting a little ways into it. I almost gave up on it. But then I got some ideas going in my head and just kept plugging away at it--mostly because I love the drawing part of it and I didn't want to see it wasted! So even though I still don't love it, I don't quite hate it anymore. And I am going to see it through to the it or not. :) After all, this is about getting outside of my comfort zone--learning new things and trying new techniques, right?! I can't grow if I don't try new things, so I must keep going! The next photo I post will likely be the finished product (I hope), so stay tuned!