Twilight Pushpins

OK, this project was totally just for fun. I had an old Twilight calendar sitting in my studio for the last couple of years. I wanted to repurpose some little images that were on the back cover. So I decided to use some glass tiles and turn the photos into pushpins!

Now please excuse the quality of this photo. It is very difficult to get a good clear photo of these 1" glass tiles. Between the texture of the glass and the small size, I can't get a perfectly clear shot. But I think you get the idea.

I just took my pictures and cut them out with a 15/16" square cutter. I used silver tape (for Memory Glass) to adhere the photos to the back side of the glass tiles. Then I stuck upholstery tacks to the back of the tiles with hot glue. Probably some E-5000 glue would have been a better choice, but I was in a hurry. LOL

They're cute little Bella and Edward pushpins that are now on the bulletin board in my office. :)

Mom 1950 Canvas

I created this Altered Art canvas for the latest challenge at the Gingersnaps Creations blog: On the Road.  We needed to use things in our project that would be found "on the road." So I used a vintage photo of my mom on a car as my inspiration for my project.

Mom 1950 Canvas Art

I started with an 8" square canvas, which I painted with black acrylic. Then I spritzed it all over with a mixture of pearlescent white paint and water to give it some sheen and texture. Next I added some red patterened scrapbook paper with torn edges. I used a black ribbon near the top of the canvas, and then added an over-sized black and white hangtag and another cut piece of the red paper to serve as the background for the vintage photo. After I affixed the photo I embellished the canvas with metal gears and keys, some black satin bows, pearl gems, and a white a flower. And I added a metal bracket to frame "1950" under the photo, which is when the photo was taken.

Wasn't my mom adorable?!

Vintage Rose

In the summer issue of Somerset Life that I picked up over the weekend, there is a wonderful tutorial for making vintage roses out of coffee filters. I've done a Coffee Filter Roses Tutorial in the past, but that one was for a much quicker and simpler rose--one that is easier and less realistic. The one is Somerset is much more realistic.

I am always on the lookout for new flower tutorials  and I loved theirs so I had to try it out. It was time-consuming to make, but it turned out so pretty...even if it wasn't as pretty as the ones in the magazine.

Somerset Life Magazne

Vintage Paper Rose

I wouldn't want to make a bunch of these, just because they take so long to make. But they really are pretty and would look so nice just sitting in a vase--one all by itself, or two or three. And they would make really nice gifts too, which is what the designer in the magazine was using them for.  They're very affordable to make too since you're just using coffee filters and things you probably already have one hand.

Check out the magazine next time you're in the bookstore to see the full tutorial. Somerset Life is one of my favorite magazines...but of course I love almost all the Somerset publications. I only wish they were cheaper!

He Loves Me Altered Envelope

Time for another fun challenge at the Gingersnaps Creations blog. This time the theme challenge is 3 Papers, 3 Buttons, 3 Words.  My He Loves Me altered art is my creation for this challenge.

He Loves Me Altered Art

I love using Kraft Envelopes from time to time when I'm doing Altered Art, and that's what I used this time. I added a piece of torn paper bag with a vintage newsprint pattern onto the envelope first. Then I tore some scrap wallpaper with a red color and pattern and added that to the top and bottom of the envelope, over the paper bag print. Then I added some lace trim to the bottom. I embellished this with a vintage photo transparency that I adhered to some grungy paper; I also added paper flowers affixed with button brads, some gems, a 3D paper butterfly, and the words He Loves Me. I finished off the top of the envelope with some black ribbon.

My 3 Papers are the grungy paper behind the transparency, the red wallpaper, and the newsprint paper bag. My 3 buttons are the 3 button brads. And my 3 words, of course, are the He Loves Me words I added.

I love how this turned out, and I like that it sort of looks like a paper purse when it's hanging on the wall.

Fireworks Digital Sketches

Around the 4th of July I decided to make some fireworks digital sketches to add to My Digital Sketchbook. These kind of photos are really perfect for creating digital art, even though they are usually really awesome just the way they are. But since I'm all about the digital art lately, I had to have some fun.

Fireworks Digital Art

Fireworks Digital Art

 I love how these turned out. Talk about Abstract Art gone wild! Really had fun making these.