The Blue Flower

I was in the mood for something different over the weekend while I was in the studio, so I created this Blue Flower mixed media painting. I like to do flowers from time to time, but not exactly like this. So it was just nice to do something a little different.

Blue Flower

It's a combination of scrapbook paper, Neocolor II Crayons, acrylics, stencils, and rubber stamping. :)

Fork Daisy by Destiny

When Destiny and I were painting the other day, she wanted to paint a flower after we finished our Fall Brush Trees. She totally knew what she wanted to do and told me she needed a fork. Since we painted Fork Flowers on Canvas once, I knew she would be a pro with the fork again. So I gave her a fork and she used her tempera paint and created this.

Fork Daisy Art for Kids

She told me she was going to use the fork to make petals in a circle to make the flower. So she did that, and then she used a paintbrush to paint the center of the flower and the stem with leaves. What I love most about this is that she thought of it all on her own and knew exactly what she wanted to do. All I did was move the paper for her as she was making a "circle" with the fork for the petals. 

I love painting with Destiny. And I see lots more painting in our future. :)

Fall Brush Trees

Destiny and I were inspired by the Fall leaves this week, so we decided that a painting of Fall Trees was in order. I thought it would be fun to use a round brush to make the tree leaves, like we did when we painted our Brush Dandelions. So I gave Destiny the brush, a canvas, some tempera paint, and a wee bit of instruction, and then she got down to painting!

Fall Brush Trees Progress

Fall Brush Trees

This time I found a better round brush for her to use--it was much easier for her to hold this one than the one with the long handle. It made it easier to dab it on the canvas. Destiny painted the tree trunk first, then used the brush to add the leaves to to the top of the tree and to the ground. She had no help from me at all! And I know I'm biased, but I think it's quite the masterpiece. :)