Fly Mixed Media Painting

I made it into the studio yesterday (two weeks in a row, yay!) but I was so tired I wasn't very productive. My husband had gone on a camp-out with our grandson Saturday night and I've discovered that sleeping in my house alone is NOT fun for me. So I was up most of the night unable to sleep. I didn't even think I'd make it into the studio because I was just so tired, but I decided to get in there and at least try to finish this little Mixed Media painting I had started last weekend.

Fly Mixed Media

This is a 5" canvas using acrylic paint, some stenciling, and some stickers. The butterfly itself is a sticker, though I added some painted accents to it too. I love butterflies, and I love using them in my artwork. I bet my granddaughter will like this one too. :)

Michael Jackson Digital Art Pieces

I haven't posted any Michael Jackson Art for awhile, so I thought I'd share these Digital Art pieces I've created in the last week. Digital art is one of my passions, and I do it a lot during the week when I can't get in my studio. I mostly post it on my Michael Jackson Tumblr blog, but every once in awhile I do something I think is worth sharing here as well--because I know at least a few of my followers love MJ as much as I do.

Dirty Diana Michael Jackson Art

This piece is from Michael's Bad era short film, Dirty Diana. Such an epic MJ pose.

Smooth Criminal MJ Heaven Digital Art

This image of Michael is from Moonwalker, from which was created the epic Smooth Criminal Short film. The digital art I created was meant to be as if Michael is looking down from Heaven--and him amongst the stars...where he belongs.

Vintage Flowers Mixed Media

Finally...after three weeks of not being able to get into my studio to be creative I was able to get in there yesterday. Felt so good! I spent most of the day working on this 12x12  Mixed Media acrylic painting.

Vintage Flowers Mixed Media

This started out as a blank white canvas, which I then covered with two kinds of tissue paper using mat medium. You can see the vintage newsprint one in the background. After that was all dry, I used a brayer to roll on two different colors of paint--one was unbleached titanium and one was in the burnt sienna family. I also added some bronzed mica flakes fragments into the wet paint in a few spots (though it's hard to spot it in the photo), which gives it a little shimmer here and there. Then I painted on my flowers using acrylic paints, along with some floating petals here and there to move the color around the canvas. Next I stamped on a butterfly, and added a bit of paint to it as well. I also stenciled on some beehive texture here and there. And finally I used some Gelatos to add some shadows to the flowers and petals, to help kind of pop them up a bit off the canvas.

I love, love, love how this turned out and will be hanging it somewhere in my home. Just have to figure out where. I have really been trying to find my creative voice in the past couple of months, and that is still a work in progress. I am really loving working in mixed media, and I think I will continue to do more of that. And I really think that nature is going to be a frequent theme in my work. I seem to enjoy that the most. :) But I will continue to explore lots of themes, ideas, and techniques on my path to creative self discovery.

Fairy Princess Destiny

This is just some Fairy Digital Art I made from a photo of my granddaughter, Destiny.

She is my favorite little fairy. :)

Destiny Fairy Castle Digital Art

Butterfly Mixed Media

I haven't been able to get in my studio for the last few weeks and it's driving me crazy! But I realized as I was looking at some paintings here in my office that I hadn't yet posted the Mixed Media Butterfly painting I did in early June. So thought I'd share that now.

Butterfly Mixed Media

I think my granddaughter may eventually end up with this. She already snagged my Bloom painting of a flower that I did. And she's asked me about this one a couple of times.  And what my Destiny wants, Destiny gets. :)