Face Sketch in My Art Journal

Before I got out of my studio over the weekend, I decided to do a quick face sketch in one of my art journals. I wasn't in the studio for very long because I had other things I needed to get done in the house, but I felt like I needed to squeeze out one quick sketch before I called it quits that day.

Even when I can't spend a lot of time on things, I'm happy that I can at least be creative...even if it's just for a short while. And it sure doesn't hurt to keep practicing drawing faces. But, as you can see, I only drew one eye! LOL. That second eye is always the hardest part...don't you think?! ;) 

Mermaid on Wood

Finally made it into the studio for just a couple of hours over the weekend. I wanted to create something for a teacher at school. We do a "Mystery Friend" thing all year long, and at the end of the year we do a special gift for them. Since my recipient loves beachy things and the ocean, I did a beach-themed gift basket. It had a beach towel, a mermaid figurine, some tropical-themed plastic glasses and a couple of other odds and ends. So I decided to paint something too when I found a cool, rustic, whitewashed board at Walmart a couple of weeks ago. This Mermaid was the result.

The colors look prettier in person, and you can't really see the touches of sparkle that I added to the tail too. But you get the idea. It was fun to paint--I've never done a mermaid painting before this. I love when I get to try something I've never done before. :)

Teal Butterfly

I was in the mood to create some digital art this evening. I love the color teal, and I love butterflies, so they were my inspiration.

The background is actually made from a redux of a painting I did a couple of years ago, which I called Big Red Flower Mixed Media. I transformed that red flower into a teal one, and then I used it to create a mirror image background design. The butterfly gives it a pop of color, of course. I love the contrast, and the brightness of it overall. And as always, I love the teal...it's my favorite color!