Michael Jackson Red Paint

I felt like creating some Michael Jackson digital art today. So, when the muse strikes, I follow it. And today I also felt like going very, very red. So this is what you get when you get "Michael Jackson in red" stuck in your head!

Michael Jackson Digital Art

Now I think I feel the need to turn on some Bad era Michael Jackson tunes on and get my groove on. Just Blame it on the Boogie, if you must.

Vampire Diaries Eclipse

I haven't made any digital art with The Vampire Diaries theme for awhile. I miss that show over the summer when it's on hiatus! Since I was thinking about it today I thought I'd make some TVD-themed digital art to share. I know I have a few followers who love TVD, so I hope you like it.

Vampire Diaries Eclipse

This is based on the moment that Damon and Bonnie see the eclipse for the first time. I love the moody feel of the red color scheme. A touch of feathers represents Bonnie, and a bit of blood to represent my favorite vampire, Damon. 

I'm anxious to see what next season will bring on TVD, especially since Elena will be gone. I'm not thrilled with that, but I've watched this show from the beginning and I will watch it until its end!

Circles and Waves

Destiny and I were experimenting with stencils recently to make paintings. We started this one off with just stencils and paint sprays and didn't much care for it when it was finished. So we decided to see if we could turn it into something we did like, and this is the result--our Circles and Waves mixed media painting.

Circles and Waves

The background was mostly red, yellow-orange, and pale blue paint sprays over stencils. Then we added more stenciled shapes using acrylic paints. Then we added the stenciled waves with black paint, and also added the yellow-orange circles using round foam stamps. A cardboard tube was used to add the white rings with acrylic paint. Then I drew on this cross-hatched designs, and we stamped on the black circles with text in them and a few other small details with paint marker.

I definitely like this after adding all the extra stuff to it. Destiny wasn't thrilled with the colors in the end, but she had a good time making it, so I count that as a win.

Day at the Beach DIgital Art

Since I was doing some Digital Art yesterday, I decided to jump in on the most recent creative challenge over at the Lunagirl Moonbeams blog. The theme for this week is Retro Summer, so this is what I created for that challenge.

Dat at the Beach

I used a Vintage Photo and lots of image layering to create this digital art. Looks like it was a beautiful day at the beach, don'tcha think? :)

Mad for Maude Digital Art

I felt like creating some Digital Art for this evening, just for the fun of it. I used a vintage photo of Maude Fealy for my inspiration. Her beauty is always timeless and inspiring. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

Mad for Maude

I hope you find some creative inspiration today as well! :)

Laundry Day Digital Art

This week's challenge over at the Digital Whisper blog features the theme, "Clothespins." I knew I'd be using an old family photo to create my digital art piece for this challenge, and this is what I came up with.

Mom and Nana Laundry Day

This features a vintage photo of my mother when she was about two years old, helping my grandmother (whom I called, Nana) hang laundry on the clothesline. If you look closely you can see that my mother has a clothespin in her mouth. I've loved this photo for awhile and want to put it in my laundry at some point. It makes me smile whenever I see it. 

I miss both of them. So much.

Learn Play Grow Canvas Trio

I recently finished a set of three canvases for a dear friend who runs a childcare center from her home. She just recently moved and got a brand new, larger space for the kiddos and she was in need of something for the walls. So I created this canvas trio for her to help fill up the blank walls. 

Learn Play Grow Acrylic Painting

These were a surprise for her and they just arrived to her in California yesterday, so now I'm able to post the pics here on the blog. She really liked them and I'm so glad! I love making art for someone and it makes them happy. :)

Dare to Spread Your Wings Mixed Media

This week's project in the studio was created as a result of an online class I took with artist, Ivy Newport. I love her style of art, and I love learning new techniques from other other artists. So when I saw her class posted on Facebook I decided to take it. The class is called 'Wing It.' 

Dare to Spread Your Wings

This project involved collage, paint, and stenciling and it was really fun to do! 

If you're interested in taking Ivy's class you can find all the info you need about it, along with how to sign up at the link below: