Angel Princess Mixed Media

I started this Angel painting two weeks ago and just finished in the studio yesterday. I normally like to create fairies, but this time I was feeling like making an angel. So this is my Angel Princess mixed media painting.

Angel Princess

She is done mostly with acrylics, but I also used some Neocolor II crayons. There is also some tissue paper (in the wing), and clear rhinestone gems (in her crown)--though they look almost black in this photo. I also added some glitter to her dress to give her a little sparkle. :)

Something Different

Recently my daughter showed me a painting she liked in a local store. She and I have very different tastes, so I didn't really care for the painting. But I knew she liked it and that's all that mattered. But rather than spend $40 on a painting that was probably made in China or somewhere, I decided to do one in a similar style myself as a gift for my daughter. And this be it. :)

Jen's Painting

The original painting had similar rings, circles and lines, but also a couple of colors my daughter didn't like. She prefers all neutrals most of the time. So I used the same kinds of rings, circles, and lines, and added a few details of my own when I created this for her. And thankfully, she liked it. 

Definitely something different than I usually paint, eh? It's definitely not my style at all, but as long as she likes it, I'm a happy painter.

Outlander Wedding

I'm so excited about the Outlander Wedding of Jaime and Claire tonight that I made some digital art in their honor. Who doesn't love a good love story, eh?

Outlander Wedding

I just finished the Outlander book (#1) last night too. I was so anxious to get it read before I watched any more of the series. I have such a hard time reading a book if I've seen the movie/TV show of it first. I had managed to stay ahead of the series quite a bit, but I just decided to get the whole first book read before the big wedding. Now I'm on to book two! 

Are you and Outlander fan? If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.

Fall Fairy Dance

The latest challenge at Lunagirl has Autumn as its theme, so I've created this Fall Fairy Dance digital art for that challenge. (Fairy by by Lorie Davison of

Fall Fairy Dance

Be sure to check out the website if you're in need of wonderful digital images. She has many wonderful images and CD's of images there!

A Rose for Lily

This week's challenge theme at the Three Muses blog is Roses. And since it's been awhile since I've taken part in one of the challenges, I decided to join in. Lily Elsie was my muse, because she was as beautiful as a rose.

A Rose for Lily

I had fun creating this...I never tire of Lily! She always inspires me to get creative. :)

Outlander Art Journal Page

Since I'm getting all wrapped up in the Outlander book AND the TV show, I thought I'd dedicate a page in my art journal to the characters, Claire and Jamie. 

Outlander Journal

I was only introduced to Outlander a short time ago through an online friend that posted about it on Facebook (thanks, Tracy!). I started reading it and I knew fairly quick I was going to need to watch the series as well. So I ordered Starz just so I could watch it. I'm still reading the book--I'm a few chapters ahead of where the show is right now. It's fun to be able to see how the characters are brought to life on the small screen. I think they're doing a wonderful job of staying true to the book and the characters as well. And I'm absolutely loving the journey that the book is taking me on with Jamie and Claire.

There may be more Outlander journal pages in my future. :)

Fairy by Moonlight

I felt like creating some digital Fairy Art this evening, so I just thought I'd share my creation.

Fairy by Moonlight

Hope you have a magical weekend...

Sparkle Fairy

It seems that I just can't get away from my Fairy Art girls. I just keep getting inspired to paint more. And I love working with various media and improving my skills with them, and with portraits in general. I love how my Sparkle Fairy came out this weekend.

Sparkle Fairy

I used mostly Neocolor II Crayons for this artwork this time. There is some white acrylic paint marker for details, and also some black pen and black rubber stamping as well. And also a wee bit of stenciling with distress ink was done in the background. It was a great, productive day in the studio.

Pink Poppies Mixed Media

I was in the mood to paint some flowers in the studio. I started these Pink Poppies last week but didn't get a chance to finish them. Finally was able to get in the studio for a couple of hours on Sunday--despite fighting a nasty cold and just not feeling well--just so I could finish this up.

Pink Poppies

Sometimes, a girls just feels like some flowers. I did this on a birch wood panel, just because I wanted to try one out. I kind of liked it and I'm sure I'll use more wood panels in the future. It's a nice change of pace.