Minion Pumpkin

Well, I couldn't help myself. It's almost Halloween and my granddaughter had a little pumpkin here, so I decided to get creative. She loves Despicable Me, and the Minions, of course. Who doesn't? So I decided to make my own little minion a Minion Pumpkin. I've seen them on Pinterest enough to be inspired, so I went for it.

Minion Pumpkin for Halloween

My Minion and Her Minion Pumpkin
She liked it!

Witchery Digital Art

The current challenge theme over at the Lunagirl blog is Witchery, so I thought I'd create some Digital Art for my challenge entry. This is what I came up with.

Witchery Digital Art

I love how my little bit of Witchery turned out. :)

Angel Blues Digital Art

This week's creative challenge at the Lunagirl blog is Lady Blue. So I created this Digital Collage for that challenge. Vintage and Blue are parts of the theme.

Angel Blues Digital Art

I made this digital collage inspired by a vintage photo of Maude Fealy. I turned her into an angel for this collage. She's always great inspiration for my digital art. She does seem a bit blue here, but she is still beautiful, as always.

Dirty Diana Spotlight Digital Art

I was thinking about Michael Jackson this week, what with the Civil Trial against AEG in relation to Michael's death. But instead of focusing too much on that, I decided to focus on on Michaels' magic instead. So I created this Dirty Diana Spotlight digital art.

Dirty Diana Spotlight Michael Jackson Art

Michael's music and magic live on, and I love using it to inspire my Michael Jackson Art.