Peony Digital Sketch 2012

I was out in my yard snapping some photos of the peonies, which are in full bloom. They are one of my absolute favorite flowers and I seem to photograph each year's blooms. This evening I took one of my photos and created this Peony Digital Sketch for My Digital Sketchbook.

Peony Digital Art

Believe it or not, this was a photograph of a white peony when I started. I wasn't in love with the original photo, but I am indeed in love with the digital sketch I created from it. Yay for peonies!

Forest Fairy Magic

I created this Digital Collage for My Enchantments blog, but I loved it so much I really just wanted to share it with all my Art Chick Studio followers too.

Forest Fairy Digital Art

I love creating a little fairy magic to add to my day...and I hope you like it in yours. :)

I Got Sunshine

I've created another piece for My Digital Sketchbook, and this one is based on photos I took of my grandson's sunflowers a couple of years ago. I love playing around with photos and turning them into something different.
I Got Sunshine Digital Art

Something about sunflowers just says Sunshine! I love them.

Fireflies at Sunset Digital Collage

I decided to poke around in my photos of previous artworks to see what I could use as a background for something new. I settled on my lone project of Oil Pastels that I did several years ago of a sunset, which I did from a photograph I took once on a camping trip. This Fireflies at Sunset is the Digital Collage I came up with from that previous work.

Fireflies at Sunset Digital Art

I love a beautiful sunset, so it was fun adding a little bit of magic to this one that I did in Oil Pastels.

Michael Jackson Ghosts Digital Art

I was in a Michael Jackson mood this evening, so I created some new Michael Jackson Art. This time it's from the History era, from his short file, Ghosts.

Michael Jackson Ghosts Digital Art

I love that short film. You can watch it on YouTube if you've never seen it. I sure wish they'd put that out on DVD one of these days. So much work and creativity went into its making. It was co-written by Stephen King, and it holds the Guinness World Record as the longest music video, with a full running time of 39 minutes and 31 seconds (although the version that ran in regular rotation was a pared down version of a little over 4 minutes. You really have to see the short film in its entirety to appreciate it! If you have never seen it, check it out sometimes. :)

It's What You Believe

I've been working on my Believe Fairy Journal lately while sitting on the couch in the evenings. Thought I'd start sharing some of those pages with you. This is the first page.

It's What You Believe Visual Journal

The whole journal is going to be filled with all things fantasy, fairy, magic, and make believe. I just got myself some more artsy supplies that I can use in the house when I want to journal. It is so much easier than having to run out to my studio to get supplies, and then have to take them back when I'm done so I'll have them out there!

And the Believe Fairy Journal continues...

My Fairy Garden

I finally managed to create a Fairy Garden for my granddaughter, Destiny. Thought I'd share the photos I've taken of it here.

I hope to keep adding to the Fairy Garden over time. But for now, Destiny and I love it!

Moonlight Serenade Collage

The Collage Obsession blog has a great challenge this week also, its theme is Reflection. So I created this Digital Collage that was inspired by their theme. It's called Moonlight Serenade.

Moonlight Serenade Digital Collage

This was made using a photograph my mother took before she passed away in February. The photo was on her camera. I enhanced it just a bit, and then added the other elements that I wanted to appear in the collage. So I couldn't have made this collage without my mother's wonderful eye for a beautiful sunset.

Forest Fairy Princess Collage

Time for another great challenge over at the Three Muses blog. This week's theme is Hats, Crowns, Wings and Things. I don't know about you, but whenever I hear the word 'Wings,' my  mind immediately goes to all things fairy. So this is my Forest Fairy Princess Collage for this challenge.

Forest Fairy Princess Digital Collage

What can I say? The fairy lover in me will never die. Living in a fantasy world for a bit is a great way to escape reality and just have fun for a little while. And I love the Three Muses blog for always offering up great challenges to enable my escapes!

(Fairy girl image by sussieM Designs)