Black or White MJ Moment

I've been so busy dealing with moving all of my blogs over to Blogger that getting into my studio has been an impossible task. So I've really only created some digital art here and there. With Michael Jackson's birthday coming up on August 29th, I thought this would be a nice piece to share this week.

Michael Jackson Black or White Digital Art

This image is from the "Panther Dance" segment of the short film, Black or White. Really an amazing performance. I still remember the first time I saw it...and what a media-storm it created. It was tame though compared to what a certain Disney star (who shall remain nameless on my blog) did on the VMA's this week.

Anyway, this one's for Michael. Keeping the legacy alive.

For Art Chick Studio Email Subscribers

I've imported all my email subscribers into Mail Chimp so that you will now receive your blog update emails that way. A test email should arrive in your inbox around 8am Sunday. If/when you read that, if you wouldn't mind, please either reply to the email to let me know you received it--or--hop on over here to the blog and leave a comment. Or if you follow on my Facebook page, feel free to post there as well. This is not mandatory, so no worries. :) I just want to be sure the email update reaches you. So if I get even a few responses, I should know all is working as it should be.

And hopefully my next post will be some new art to share, because I want to put all this hacker business behind me once and for all. So until next time, thank you for your patience and your readership. Stay creative and be well!

Art Chick Studio Badge

New Home for Art Chick Studio

I've made the switch to Blogger with my domain so this is basically a test post. I will likely be switching to Mail Chimp for email subscriptions, as that allows me to import my existing subscribers without losing them. It will likely take a full day for all my domain's DNS changes to complete during the transition. Please bear with me! And email subscribers, I hope to have that all set up this weekend so that your emails will continue uninterrupted.

Thanks for your patience!

Beauty Full Mixed Media

I managed to get at least a few creative juices flowing in my studio over the weekend. Even though I've still been doing Minecraft birthday party-related stuff for my grandson's upcoming party, I found time to get a Mixed Media painting done in the studio too on Sunday. I'm just calling it Beauty Full. :)

Beauty Full Mixed Media

I used tissue paper to create texture for the flower. There are some bits of torn newsprint tissue paper here and there, some rolled on acrylic paint, some brushed on paint, and some dragged on paint too (using the edge of a piece of foam core). I also stenciled a bit in a few spots, and the letters were added with cardstock and stickers. The flower is kind of a stylized poppy. Looks a bit more like a peony, but hey, stuff happens. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow...of the paint.

Love Wings Mixed Media

You know, I always swore I'd never be one of those "hearts with wings" types of painters. Not because I don't think they're cool and all, but because it seems like everybody does them anymore. But I finally had to cave and do one, if only for the sake of experimentation.

Love Wings Mixed Media

See, I had this little 4x5" canvas I wanted to use, and I also had some wing stamps I'd never used before. And as I sat there thinking in my studio of how to use the wings, the cliche got the better of me and I decided to paint a heart. And then I stamped on the wings and added some other details and embellishments.

So yeah, it's not the most original painting or subject matter in the world, but it turned out kind of cute and I like it, so that's all that matters. I also managed to start another Mixed Media painting over the weekend, and I hope to finish that and get it posted next week.