For Art Chick Studio Email Subscribers

I've imported all my email subscribers into Mail Chimp so that you will now receive your blog update emails that way. A test email should arrive in your inbox around 8am Sunday. If/when you read that, if you wouldn't mind, please either reply to the email to let me know you received it--or--hop on over here to the blog and leave a comment. Or if you follow on my Facebook page, feel free to post there as well. This is not mandatory, so no worries. :) I just want to be sure the email update reaches you. So if I get even a few responses, I should know all is working as it should be.

And hopefully my next post will be some new art to share, because I want to put all this hacker business behind me once and for all. So until next time, thank you for your patience and your readership. Stay creative and be well!

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