Secret Garden Fairies

I've been working in my studio a lot lately (which is good!) but I was feeling like doing some Fairy Digital Art today too. So I created this digital collage, Secret Garden Fairies. Any time is a good time for fairy art, after all. :) (Fairies by Lorie Davison of

Secret Garden Fairies Digital Art

Nothing like a little magic and fairies on a Monday evening to make me smile.

Mom's Snow Day

When I was working in my studio yesterday, I was looking at this painting that I did when I was in college. It's a portrait of my mom, when she was young, after she'd built a snowman. I used a photograph to create this painting, and it was the first portrait I'd ever done in my life. It was a gift to her, just because. This painting is mine again, waiting to be hung somewhere in my studio, since my mom passed away last year. So I just thought I'd share it here on the blog since I never have.

Mom's Snow Day Oil Painting

I was so proud of this paint, especially since I'd never done a portrait before. And I was so happy to give it to her. It makes me kind of sad now to look at it, knowing why I have it. But I'm glad I have it, and more glad that I was able to give it her. Miss you, Mom.

Poppy Painting Stage 2

If you read my last post, Poppy Painting Begins, you know I started a new painting featuring poppies as my subject. I finished stage two of the painting over the weekend so I wanted to share it.

Poppy Painting Mixed Media

Stage two was adding the color. I ended up using oil paints (my first love, in painting anyway) because I just like its blending ability a lot more. So I got all the colors on and now it needs to dry for awhile. Stage three will be adding an antiquing effect of sorts. Since the flowers and their stems are 3-D, made with tissue paper, the color I add for the antique effect will be most pronounced on the flowers. But it will help tone down the brightness of the overall painting and colors too. I could leave it this way, of course. I do like it. But I had planned the antique effect all along, so I'm planning to see it through until it's finished. Wish me luck! Will post the final photo once I have it all finished.

Poppy Painting Begins

I was in the studio most of Sunday having a good, creative day (thanks, Mom!). I started a few projects that will be ongoing, and one of them is this Poppy Painting.

Poppy Painting 1 Mixed Media

Please forgive the quality of the photo. I took it in my studio, which isn't where I  normally photograph my art and crafts. But since this one is a work in progress I just shot a few pics with my iPhone, and this was the best one. I really need better lighting out there!

Anyhoots, this is going to be a mixed media painting of poppies, inspired by a photo I found in a gardening book my mom had given me several years ago. I knew I wanted to paint flowers, but I wasn't sure exactly what kind of flowers. So I was browsing through the book and the photo that called out to me was of poppies. I remember living in southern California and seeing fields of poppies from time to time, so it was good inspiration.

I used tissue paper rolled up to create the stems, and just torn pieces of tissue paper for the flowers themselves. I used Mod Podge to adhere them all to the canvas, and then I painted white gesso over everything once it had dried. Normally I would use watered down glue instead of Mod Podge. Using Mod Podge is a first for me in a painting like this. But I just thought I'd give it a try and see how it worked. Hopefully I won't be disappointed, or have any problems with it.

I will use paint to add the color, of course. And my only real dilemma at the moment is in which kind of paint to use: oils or acrylics. I almost always paint in oils--I just prefer the blending abilities inherent in oils. But of course it takes oils awhile to dry, whereas acrylics dry really quick. Decisions, decisions! So I'm likely going to spend awhile debating which kind of paint to use. Sigh.

In the meantime I just thought I'd share step one of the painting with you, so you can kind of see the "before" image. Wish me luck!

Stefan and Elena Love Digital Art

This is my latest Digital Art inspired by The Vampire Diaries. It's an ode to Stefan and Elena. For those of you that watch TVD, you know that "Stelena" is no longer a couple. Damon and Elena are the couple now, and I'm team "Delena" all the way. But I do have a soft spot for some of the moments that Stelena had on the show. But no matter who's a couple these days, I LOVE the show and will watch until the end. And I love doing digital stuff inspired by the show.

Stefan and Elena's Love TVD Digital Art