Outlander Art Journal Page

Since I'm getting all wrapped up in the Outlander book AND the TV show, I thought I'd dedicate a page in my art journal to the characters, Claire and Jamie. 

Outlander Journal

I was only introduced to Outlander a short time ago through an online friend that posted about it on Facebook (thanks, Tracy!). I started reading it and I knew fairly quick I was going to need to watch the series as well. So I ordered Starz just so I could watch it. I'm still reading the book--I'm a few chapters ahead of where the show is right now. It's fun to be able to see how the characters are brought to life on the small screen. I think they're doing a wonderful job of staying true to the book and the characters as well. And I'm absolutely loving the journey that the book is taking me on with Jamie and Claire.

There may be more Outlander journal pages in my future. :)