A Work of Heart

Even after I swore to myself I wouldn't do heart art this week, I've done TWO journal pages with hearts on them. Oy! What can I say. I'm either a romantic, or a creative cliche. But either way, I guess I just had hearts in my head and they flowed out onto the pages of my art journals.

This week's prompt at The Documented Life was to draw a shape, fill it with color, and then repeat. So my shape was a heart. And this was the result.

Work of Heart Art Journal
The page on the left is just another art page. I like to do facing pages with different art, but the same (or similar) palette of colors. The page on the right is my prompt page. Lots of acrylic there, and some markers, ink, and of course the Washi tape on the edge (Washi tape is fast becoming one of my addictions!). This blue color is one of my favorites right now. It's appeared in my artwork a lot in the past year. We'll see how long it takes before I tire of it. :) Love how the page turned out though!