Art Chick Studio Dreams

This week's prompt for the Journal52 challenge is, "When I grow up." Basically, we're supposed to journal something related to either our dream job when we were a child--or just something we wanted to do or see when we grow up. It could also be a dream of some sort for some point in the future (I still have a lot of growing up to do myself). ;) 

Well, when I was little, probably from ages 4-10, I wanted to be a movie star. Not just an actress. No, a Movie Star! LOL. But that wasn't really calling to me to be journaled about this week. So I decided instead to focus on my dream for the near future. And that is, to teach studio classes in all kinds of art--mixed media, art journaling, creativity nights--lots of things! That is a goal I'm working toward. The Hubs and I purchased and old farm property last year that we have to totally (sigh) remodel. We plan to do that and move within the next couple of years. The bonus is that it has an old grainery building on it that will become my new studio, and it's big enough that I can hold classes in it. So that is my dream...for when I grow up just a bit more. And here's my journal page.

Art Chick Studio Dream Art Journal
The building in the background represents the grainery, which will become my studio. The background colors were all done with Gelatos. To the foreground I just added some fun scrapbook paper that is full of nature--because my future studio and our home are just outside of town. There are lots of trees and wild flowers and animals. Heaven!

I never used to want to live in the country, but I can't wait to get there now. I'm NOT looking forward to the total remodel of the home (and hey, the studio needs major work too!)--I've had enough of that with our current home (build in 1890). But the Hubs and I fell in love with the place, so you just gotta do what you gotta do to make dreams happen! And this one will hopefully come true within the next 2 years. :)