Flower Girl

New Work in Progress today in one of my art journals. I'm in love with the whimsical and lovely mixed media girls that Suzi Blu creates. Suzi is one of the reasons I started playing with mixed media. So I'm working on doing more drawings and paintings inspired by Suzi's art and working toward putting my own spin and style into my drawings of girls. So anyway, just thought I'd share my latest effort.

Flower Girl Art Journal Page

This may become a painting, or it just may live in my art journal indefinitely once it's finished. We'll see how I feel after she is completed. I love her so far though. You may also recall my first mixed media painting I did, called Beauty, was also inspired by the art of Suzi Blu after I read her book, Mixed Media Girls.

If you're curious about the art of the fabulous Suzi Blu, just click on her book image below and that will take you to her website. You will love it!

Mixed Media Girls Suzi Blu

 Suzi has several online classes that you can take, along with a wonderful blog. Every time I visit her blog I get inspired. And her videos are so fun to watch; Suzi is quirky and fun and so positive--it is really fun to watch her videos. And if you're interested in her book please see the image link on the right side of Suzi's blog--it will take you right to her Etsy shop, where you can purchase it, along with some beautiful prints of her work.

I'll post more about my "Flower Girl" when she's finished. :)