Random Act of Kindness

This week's challenge at The Documented Life is to illustrate a Random Act of Kindness in some way. It could be a RAK we've witnessed or one we've done for others. I decided to illustrate a RAK I did for a blogger named Joann, whose blog (Laundry Hurts My Feelings) I have followed for some time. She is a wonderful writer and always makes me smile in her posts.

Well one day, a few years ago or so, her blog graphics all disappeared. She posted about it because she was at a loss for what to do; she had no idea how to fix it because her blog had been setup by her designer. And that was the real problem. Her designer hosted all of Joann's blog graphics--and the graphics of all her other clients--on her own PhotoBucket account. The designer closed her PhotoBucket account, and as a result, every client of hers ended up with a blog with no graphics! Joann didn't realize any of this, but I did and let her know what had happened, and offered to fix her blog for her as well. 

I was able to retrieve Joann's graphics from cached web pages, thank goodness. And I had her blog restored in relatively short order. I was happy to help her and expected nothing in return. After all, what good are we if we can't help someone simply because we can...and we WANT to?! But imagine my surprise later when I received a package from her with a lovely art print in it, which now hangs in my studio. I will treasure it always, as a reminder of how kindness can bring people together.

So anyway, this is my journal page spread dedicated to that RAK. It is not very artsy, as I really focused more on documenting it rather than making art this time. And I added a quote that I have always loved as well. 

RAK Art Journal Page

It is true: No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. If you can help someone, you should. It's as simple as that.