Fork Flowers on Canvas

Destiny and I decided to have some painting fun today. A couple of times while surfing Pinterest I remember seeing some kids' art made by using forks dipped in paint to make flowers. So that's what Destiny and I decided to do, and we had a ball!

Fork Flowers on Canvas

Fork Flowers Closeup

Now the neat part about this, other than the flowers made from forks, is that the background for this canvas was actually created by my grandson, Dylan when he was 3 or 4 years old (he's 10 now). He wasn't all that into the artsy stuff like Destiny is, but I convinced him one day to create something by just using a small foam roller to roll fluorescent paint all over this canvas. He had fun doing that, but I wasn't sure what to do with the canvas, so I just tucked it away. I pulled it out today and decided that Destiny and I would try out the fork flower technique I'd seen. She really loved it!

All you have to do is dip a plastic fork into paint--we used a combination of tempera and craft acrylic paints for this--then set the fork down on the canvas and rock it back and forth a bit to "print" the flowers. Then just add stems and leaves to finish them off. And Destiny and I decided to add some grass too. Destiny is 4 and she did most of this herself. I only did 3 of the flower prints, 2 stems, and 1 leaf--and I showed her how to make grass, but she did almost all of that herself too. :) 

I love that I have this canvas now to keep in the "kids" room. And the best part is that BOTH of my grandkids actually painted this--even if it was 6 years apart. Super fun and really easy to do too, it really was a perfect almost-summer art activity!