Mothers Day Flower Pots

For Mother's Day, Destiny and I made some wonderful gifts that we had a blast making. We made some Flower Pots, and the "roses" in the pots where made using prints made from celery!

Mothers Day Flower Pots Tutorial

I was cutting up some celery a few weeks ago and remembered seeing a celery-printing project on Pinterest. So I cut the end off of the celery and grabbed some pink paint and paper and had Destiny dip the celery "butt" into the paint and then print it on a paper several times. I told her we were making roses and she had a ball. I let those dry and saved them until last week. At that point I cut out the printed roses and laminated them. 

I had purchased some cheap terracotta pots at Michael's and we painted them together in my studio. Destiny loves to paint and she had a ball doing these. We also had some wooden sticks I'd saved from some meals at Captain D's (they had shrimp on them) and I'd washed them up and stuck them away. They would be perfect stems for our flowers. So we stuck those sticks into Styrofoam balls I'd cut in half--to hold them up while we painted them green. 

Once everything was dry, I stuck the Styrofoam balls, with the sticks still in the center of them, into the pots. We covered the foam with Spanish moss, and then I stuck some leaves from some silk flowers I had over the sticks and pushed them down to the bottom. The leaves were attached by some plastic in the center that had holes right in the middle, and they fit perfectly over the sticks (thank goodness). The final step was to attach the laminated roses to the green sticks with some hot glue--which I did myself so that miss Destiny wouldn't be burning her fingers on the glue. 

We made three flower pots: one for her Mommy, one for her Great Grandma, and one for her other Grandma (her Daddy's mom). I kinda wish we'd made one for me too. :) But we had a lot of fun making these and they were perfect gifts for Mother's Day--flowers that never need watering and that will never die!