Yard Art Flowers

I was in the studio yesterday and worked on quite a few different things. I got some primitive crafts done for my Tattered Sisters Blog. Got two paintings started. Did some planning for future projects. And I somehow came up with this idea for some Yard Art Flowers. I was trying to think of a different way I could use some candle pans and tart molds that I always have on hand, so I came up with flowers.

Yard Art Flowers Trash to Treasure

I had several sizes of candle pans in different finishes--some are the plain tin color, some painted white, and some rusty. I punched holes in each of the pans and just layered them together to make them look like flowers, and secured them with brads. I added some rusty wire to create the stems--although the wire wasn't heavy enough for the larger flower and it kept falling over. So I reinforced that one so it would stay vertical. :) The smallest shape on the small flower is a tart mold, and the smallest shape on the larger flower is a bottle cap.

In a way these are kind of Altered Art, since I altered the the pans to make them. Maybe it's a sort of way to upcycle too. But not matter what it is, I had fun making my Yard Art Flowers.