Rock Mosaic

I'd never done a mosaic before but have always wanted to. So over the weekend I created this Rock Mosaic.

OK, so, some things I learned from this project:

Rock Mosaic

  1. I really like doing mosaics!

  2. I don't like doing mosaics on rocks.

  3. I should have a more definite plan in mind when creating a mosaic (the "cross" was not just sort of happened).

So next time I do a mosaic I'm thinking it will definitely be on a flat surface. I had fun doing this, and I am excited to do mosaics again in the future. I'd love to do something large scale a garden path or something! It would take awhile, but it would be fun! My daughter will be getting this rock mosaic because I'm just not in love with it. Next time, I plan on flowers...or trees...anything in nature!

Mostly I used cut glass pieces for this mosaic, along with some glass circles (whatever they are called) that I got from the craft store. They are really more of a deep purple color--the photo doesn't do the colors justice at all. Since I do stained glass work from time to time, I have lots of cut glass--but used some pre-cut glass I'd found at the craft store too for this project. Next time I will be trying to incorporate mostly scrap glass pieces in my mosaic. Reuse and recycle, as they say!