WIP Sneak Peek - Beauty

I was in the studio all day yesterday. First I had to put away and organize all the new art supplies I had bought at Hobby Lobby on Saturday--and considering I'm already out of space in my studio, that was no easy task! But once I got that finished I started to work on a new Mixed Media painting. The working title for it is "Beauty," but that will probably change. I just needed to call it something. Anyhoots, I wanted to share a sneak peek of this WIP (Work In Progress).

Beauty Mosaic Mixed Media

Beauty Drawing for Mixed Media

The top photo is the beginning stage of the background. Right now it's a mosaic on canvas made from scrapbook paper. The bottom photo is a drawing, done with prismacolor pencils, that will become the focal point of the painting, my "beauty." I look at her as a stylized drawing of my daughter (and I say 'stylized' because really it doesn't look a lot like her--but that's what artistic license is for!).

I will be building up the background mosaic with layers of paint, texture, ink, and whatever else that inspires me during the process. When I created my Poppy Painting recently, it really made me want to do more mixed media. So I started checking out the work of mixed media artists online, various art books, and so forth...and that was enough to fuel my creative fire. My favorite sources of inspiration were found here:

I probably won't be back in the studio until next weekend, but will post more photos as I progress with this project. Stay tuned!