Robin Eggs Nest in a Jar

I've really been trying to focus on spring crafts in my studio lately. I don't usually do a lot of spring crafts, nor do I tend decorate my home too much this time of year. But I decided that if I created some spring crafts that I love, then I could use them in the house. And at some point I'd have a lot of lovely little crafty goodies to use this time of year.

So my latest spring craft is my Robin Eggs Jar, which looks a lot like a little nest in a vintage jar.

Robin Eggs Nest in a Glass Jar

This was really so easy to make. The jar isn't vintage, but it does sort of look like it is, and I had it in my studio just begging to be used. I added some Spanish Moss to the bottom of the jar to give it that nest effect.

Next it was time to paint some eggs. I used wooden eggs that are about 1-3/4" long. I painted them with craft acrylics in a robin's egg blue, and then I took some watered-down brown and spattered on the spots using an old toothbrush. Love the speckled-egg-look! Then I just added the eggs to jar.

I think this will find its new home in my kitchen. I love the look of it, and I have lots of bird and birdhouse stuff in my kitchen, so it will be perfect.