Grungy Bunny Bag

Here's a project that I did specifically with Easter in mind. It's my Grungy Bunny Bag.

Grungy Bunny Bag Fabric Crafts

I made this out of 2 pre-made 5x7" drawstring muslin bags, one for the face bag, and one to cut up for the ears. I started by using my Coffee Shop-colored Glimmer Mist to grungy up the bag. What can I say? I didn't like the plain look of the bag. ;) I drew on the facial features lightly with pencil, then painted them in with craft acrylics.

Next, to make the ears, I cut two ear shapes out of the other muslin bag and grungy'd those up with the Glimmer Mist too. Then I created folds at the bottom of each ear to give them more of a dimensional ear shape, and cut a hole through those folds with a regular hole punch. This hole gets used to join the ear to the bag itself with a brad. Then I cut a small slit into each side of the bag face, just below the drawstring casing area, near the top of the bag. Next I took a brad, poked it through the holes in the ear folds, and then poked it through the slit in the side of the bag face to connect the ears. Closing the prongs of the brad inside the bag face secures the ear to the bag. And I just repeated that for the other ear, and tied the bag closed.

This Bunny Bag is really meant to be a gift bag. I stuffed it with regular fiberfill just so I could take a picture of the full bunny face. But you could fill it with any Easter candy, like chocolate eggs, or Jelly Beans, or M-n-M's or something. The muslin bags are very affordable and there's no sewing involved in this project. It's a really quick, easy, and fun Easter craft!