MJ Smile Digital Collage

This week's Collage Obsession Challenge is Tramp. The creation has to feature either an image of Charlie Chaplin as The Tramp, or it has to express the word "Tramp" in some other way. As soon as I saw this theme, I knew exactly what I'd be doing. But before I share it with you, I need to share with you a little bit of trivia about Michael Jackson and Charlie Chaplin.

  • Michael Jackson was a huge Charlie Chaplin fan.

  • MJ loved the song, Smile, which was composed by Charlie Chaplin.

  • Michael recorded Smile in 1995, but he never performed it live. However, near the end of his History tour, the song was played at the beginning of the concert, in memory of Princess Diana.

  • Smile was sung at MJ's Memorial on July 7, 2009, by his brother, Jermaine.  Michael's version of the song then hit the Billboard Hot 100 Digital Songs, along with the UK and Swiss singles charts.

  • In addition to being a musical artist, Michael was also a visual artist.

  • Michael drew Charlie Chaplin many times.
Michael Jackson Artist Chaplin

MJ Artist Drawing

Michael Jackson

Smile Michael Jackson Art

I hope you like this addition to my growing collection of Michael Jackson Art. I loved creating it!

"The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all of creation."
~Michael Jackson