Stained Glass on the Hoosier

These panels were made to fit an old Hoosier cabinet, the top half of which we inherited when my husband's grandmother passed away. Not sure where the bottom half of the cabinet went (sure wish we had it!), but the top half had been completely painted. It's been totally restored now. It was lacking the original panels that would have been in these two doors, so I created the glass panels to replace those that were missing.

Stained Glass on the Hoosier Cabinet

These are both leaded glass panels that match other pieces in the kitchen. With the arched shape of the interior part of the panel, I was trying to mimic the glass doors that are on my China Hutch, which have a very similar shape. And the diamond shape appears on my floor and in the glass panels I created for our ceiling light fixture in the kitchen.  Burgundy and green colors appear through most of my house, and the kitchen is no exception. So these colors tie in there as well.