Fairy Dust Jar

Another super fun and easy fairy craft...the Fairy Dust Jar. All you need is a small bottle, some glitter, some embellishments, and some paper for the tag. I used a copper wire to embellish an old bottle I had around the house. My husband is a plumber, who happens to dig a lot of holes,  and crawl under a lot of houses during the course of his job. So he is always bringing home some neat little bottles. You could also check your local thrift store or antique store for some. Once you've got one, just fill it up with your favorite glitter.

Fair Dust Jar

You can add any type of embellishments that you like: beads, small feathers, ribbons, decorative buttons...the possibilities are almost endless. Then top it off with a paper hang tag that reads, "Fairy Dust."  Use a fun, old style font for that perfect fairy touch.

These would make great party favors for a little girl's fairy-themed birthday party, or even for a baby shower. They'd also be really fun gifts for any fairy collector you might know.