Angelina Jolie

I decided at some point a few years ago that I was going to paint all of my favorite celebrities, using only shades of blue, in oils. Oils are my first choice of medium when I am painting, and using blue just seemed like a good idea at the time. Perhaps I was inspired by Picasso's Blue Period? Who knows.

One of my favorite female actresses is Angelina Jolie. I think she is mesmerizing on screen, incredibly talented, and as equally beautiful. She has an amazing face, which I really wanted to capture on canvas. Unfortunately,  after painting her twice now, I have come to discover that I'm just not good at painting her! I may try again one day. Who knows. But I've painted her twice now and even though I like the paintings in general, I don't think they look enough like HER. So, Angelina, if you ever see this, I do apologize. I just can't do justice to your true beauty! But I sure did try.

Angelina Jolie Oil Painting