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Friday, January 22, 2010

Captured Fairy Jar

Fairies can be a great source of inspiration for crafting. Captured Fairy Jars are all the rage these days.  Do a Google search for them and you will find lots of results. They are really fun and easy to create, and so affordable too. You can use any jar you have around the house (just clean it up really well). And if you're a crafter like myself, you always have spare ribbon and flowers around you can use too.

You can use copies of vintage photos for your little fairy girl (or boy), or even photos of your children or grandchildren. Then just find a photo of some beautiful butterfly wings, attach them to the photo, and you have your fairy! I used a piece of a cheap eraser to mount my fairy girl on and then set her in the jar. I added yellow craft roses all around her, which are pretty to look at, but also serve to hide the eraser. Then I topped off the jar with a coordinating ribbon and yellow rose.

Captured Fairy Jar

These would be really fun crafts to do with your kids. They'd also be great table decorations for a party or shower.