Stars Beauty Mixed Media Girl

Last year I created a post about the art journal spread I was doing after buying Jane Davenport's book called Beautiful Faces. After I had finished that spread last April, I had gone in a few months later and added some stars to my mixed media girl I'd created in the spread. And as I was flipping through some photos today, I realized I never shared the updated creation. So I'm gonna share that with you now.

Stars Beauty Mixed Media

I just thought that my background was a bit plain, especially considering that most of the time I add torn paper or something to the backgrounds of my paintings. I wasn't feeling like adding solid color, and I didn't want to distract from the face too much. So I decided that stars would be the way to go. It added a sense of texture and just a little something extra to make it feel more finished. I like her much better now. Sometimes you just have to step away from something you've done for awhile, and then come back and look at it again with fresh eyes. It can make all the difference.