Dracula Digital Art

I was in the mood to play on my iPad Pro a couple of weeks ago. I need the practice in making digital art on that, since I'm so used to doing it on my PC. I have several great apps on the iPad that I'm still learning to use. So I decided to create some digital art for one of my former students, who has a real love of horror movies and characters from them. Dracula ended up being my theme--and I mean old school Dracula, because those are the only horror movies I ever really watched growing up. This was the result.

Dracula Digital Art Creation

I used a combination of three apps: ProCreate, Stackables, and Brushstroke. And then also a couple of minor editing using Paint Shop Pro on my PC after I was finished using the apps. I really like how this turned out. And the bonus is that my former students seemed to really like it too. Win!