Moms Day Mini Art

Last week I took Destiny out to the studio for some painting fun. I wanted her to create some mini canvas art for her mom (my daughter) in the style that her mom likes, which is abstract. And since her mom likes neutral colors too, that's what Destiny used.

Moms Day Art

I gave Destiny some brown paint, white, and a creamy tan, along with a brown acrylic paint pen. I also told her she wasn't going to use a paintbrush for this painting--so instead I gave her a cardboard tube, a paint dauber and a stencil. She drew some lines with the paint pen first. Then she used the dauber to create the tan circles. Then she added some brown rings with the cardboard tube. And she finished it off with white paint and the circle stencil. 

I think it turned out fabulous! Granted, I'm a little biased. ;) But it was a fun time in the studio creating this mini canvas art for her mom for Mom's Day.