Inside Art Chick Studio

In honor of Cinco de Mayo (not really, LOL), I thought I'd share a quick collage pic of the work area in my studio. I was really just in the mood to share since I snapped a few pics the other day after I rearranged a few things in there. I think I've posted pics of my studio here before, and I know I have on the Facebook page. But it never hurts to share again, right? So get ready!

Art Chick Studio

In the top left pic you'll see the very edge of my work space, and that's where I store my gelatos. My Inktense blocks are almost always right there too, along with my Neocolor II crayons, because I use all of those a lot. My iPhone dock is there too, so it's always nearby when I want to listen to some tunes. I just added some clear plastic divided storage cubes back by the wall; I added some more craft paints and my new Tombow markers in there, and on top of it are some daubers and various tools. I also have my smaller stencils hanging off the lower shelf, along with some blank tags that I add stuff to from time to time--like when I need to clean a stencil, or dab off a dauber or blender. I learned that trick from a Dyan Reavely video. She is awesome!

In the top right pic you see the main work area, jam packed with artsy goodness. My gessos and mat medium are there, along with my large variety of paint pens, Pitt artist pens and gel pens. Then there's also my main stash of craft paints, and my other acrylics are hanging from the shelf above. You'll notice that my counter space is just wood--MDF, maybe? The Hubs always meant to put a counter top in there for me. But once I got working I could never manage to clear out of there long enough for him to put any sort of finished counter in. So I just work on the wood. Since we're going to be moving out to our farm property at some point (hopefully soon), I don't see any point in bothering with counter now. We'll save that work for the new studio out there. You can also see the start of my paint brush hoard in the right corner there too. Up on the lower shelf is a variety of mediums; and to the far right (starting at the mint green binder) is clear acrylic stamp storage. I keep some in the binder, some in the accordion file on the end, and some in the smaller storage things in between.

The bottom left pic is actually to the right of my work space in the studio (it's an L-shaped counter in there). The white shelf unit is where I keep all of my rubber stamp ink pads, distress inks, sprays, and various adhesives. The counter area there is actually a large built-in light box that the Hubs made for me. It is AWESOME! But it's often covered with art books, palettes, paper towels, and whatever else I need handy at the time. I do use it, which makes for some not-so-fun times when I have to move everything to get to the light box, but oh well. And yes, that's Ian Somerhalder staring at me in the photo. Nothing wrong with having that face to look at when I'm in the studio, am I right? Angelina is in there too--because I just love her face--and if you look very carefully you may spy Nicolas Cage in there too.

The last photo on the bottom right is my aqua utility cart from Ikea. Love that thing! I keep my big stencils on there, my scissors, baby wipes, my most used paintbrushes, more adhesives, stickers, daubers, texture/journaling supplies, and various drawing pads etc. Basically it's for the stuff that I use a lot and what quick access too; but I also want to be able to move it out of the way in a hurry when I need to. It's great for all of that. I may get another one when we move to the farm, because my studio will be much bigger. Yay!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little peek inside my studio. Hopefully within the next year or so I'll have a brand new studio to share with you. Preferably one that I let the Hubs finish the counter in before I move all my stuff in! I can't wait to move. Sigh. But I'll keep creating in the current Art Chick Studio in the mean time. :)