Fun with Flowers

The Hubs and I traveled to Hocking Hills, Ohio recently. While there we visited Hocking House and their beautiful garden. I was playing around with a couple of the photos I took in the garden and thought I'd share them with you. :)

This first one shows a butterfly on a flower--it was flying around and let me snap quite a few pictures of her dancing around on this flower. This was my favorite one. I love these flowers!

Butterfly Flower Art Chick Studio

 I loved these white lilies that were there too. I thought I'd give them a canvas effect just for the fun of it. There were so many beautiful flowers in their garden, and it had just rained so everything had little water droplets on it. So pretty, as you can see in the last photo.

White Lily Art Chick Studio

This was one of the biggest lilies I'd ever seen. I should have measured it because really, it was that big. And it looked so pretty with the water droplets all over it. It was like a little spot of sunshine after the rain.

Orange Lily Art Chick Studio

Hope you liked seeing my flower photography. I love flowers, don't you? I wish you could have seen the entire garden, it was really breathtaking there. If you ever get to Hocking Hills, Ohio, be sure to visit Hocking House, which is where this garden is.