DIY Wands

Destiny and I were busy making DIY Wands this week. Pink was her color of choice, and the sparkle was a must. So we used pink sparkle craft paint and some really pretty pink glitter, and some gems and ribbon to make our own FABULOUS wands.

Pink DIY Wands

Destiny also decided to make an extra wand for her best friend. She kept saying, "Best Friends Forever...Best Friends Forever" when we finished making them. :) I'd say these were a hit. And they were so easy to make. 

Materials We Used:
  1. Wooden Stars
  2. Wooden Dowels
  3. Craft Gems
  4. Pink Glitter
  5. 2 Colors of Ribbon
  6. Stringed Golden Beads
We painted the stars and the dowels first. It took several coats to cover them and I realized during that process that I probably should have put down a coat of white as the first layer. I think the pink would have looked brighter on the dowels in that case. So if you make these too I'd suggest white paint as the first layer of color. After the final coat of paint on the stars, while the paint was still wet, we sprinkled on the glitter and shook off the excess and let them dry. Then we added the gems to the stars and tied the ribbon and beads to the painted dowels. Then I hot glued the stars to the dowels. 

We had a lot of fun making these. And really, who doesn't need their own magic wand?!