The Documented Life Project

Since I'm totally absorbed in art journaling at the moment, I have been spending a lot of time looking at other folks' journal pages and it's so inspiring! During the process of browsing all that creativity, I stumbled across another year-long journal project The Documented Life. So guess what? Yep, I'm joining that challenge as well! These weekly challenges are so motivating for me and help me to push myself to let the creativity in my run wild! I just love it.

So here are the first few pages of my new Documented Life journal. I'm still kind of playing catch up on that since it started January 1st. But we can do whichever prompts we'd like, and skip some if we want, and add our own as well. It's very open and free to let us do what we want. 

The Documented Life Art Journal Project

Top Left photo is from the "Door" prompt.
Top Right is the "Doodle a Border" prompt (my granddaughter wanted me to drop her Loopsy gals).
Bottom Left is my own intro page with a quote I found and love.
And Bottom Right is for the "Selfie" prompt.

So far so fun! I do most of these sitting on the couch in the evening. I've got a little art tote bag full of supplies for when I am not in my studio. I am still adding stuff to it because you know how it goes--you'll be doing some art project and you need something and you don't have it. So annoying! So I'm trying to add more things to fulfill any creative whims I might have while journaling on the couch. Because I just can't always go outside to my studio--and believe me, when we have windchills in the -30's, going outside is the LAST thing I want to do. LOL. But I do prefer the studio because really, it has everything in it that I need! But I'm determined to get my little art tote up to snuff with lots of doo-dads and what-nots.

If you do Art Journals, The Documented Life is a great creative project to join into. Click the link below for me info!

Now I need to get off this PC and get some journaling done! :)