Journal52 Off We Go

I've decided to start a new visual journal this year (well, more than one actually), and I was lucky enough to come across a wonderful, year-long art journal workshop to participate in. It's offered for free by Chelle Stein at her Journal52 blog. A new prompt is posted each week, and we create entries inspired by the prompt. I'm a little late in starting, so these are my first two entries in the art journal workshop.

Week 1 Prompt: Up, Up and Away
Hope Floats
Based on one of my favorite quotes from the movie, Hope Floats.

Hope Floats Art Journal
Week 2 Prompt: Somewhere, A Simple Place
By the Water
My favorite simple place is anywhere near the water.
This features one of my favorite poem snippets from William Blake.

By the Water Art Journal
I'm really excited by this weekly art journal workshop and can't wait to create the next entry! I'll be starting some other art journals this year as well. I've also started a mini one that I am keeping by my couch and drawing in during the evenings. It's little, lined, and more like a little notebook than a drawing journal. But I wanted to do something different just to focus on drawing a little something every day, or adding quotes or what-not. And it's small enough that I can toss it in my purse and take it with me when I go somewhere. So I may share some little drawings from that as well on occasion.

If you are interested in this workshop be sure to check out the Journal52 blog to get more information.