Smooth Criminal Magic Art

I haven't been participating in too many art challenges lately so I decided it is time to get my creative juices flowing again. This week's challenge at Collage Obsession couldn't have come at a better time. The theme for this week is a Song I chose one of my Michael Jackson favorites, Smooth Criminal and created a digital collage around it.

Smooth Criminal Michal Jackson Art

Michael Jackson defined the word "Epic" where pop music and music videos are concerned, in my opinion. He blazed a trail and set the standard in what once was a very boring visual medium. And Smooth Criminal is a perfect example of his epic creative genius. It is MJ, and the Bad era, at its visual best. It not only showcased a great song, but it told a story, as all of Michael's short films did. I never get tired of watching it...and my grandson now loves to watch it with me. He especially likes the MJ  anti-gravity "lean." Such an epic MJ moment.

And so the legend lives on. :)