My Favorite Fairy

My husband got me the new Paint Shop Pro software for Christmas, and I finally just got to start playing around with it. I had an older version on my laptop, so I am already familiar with the basics of PSP (though I am by no means a pro). I haven't gotten to explore the new version in depth, but I wanted to take it for a test drive. So I decided that my granddaughter, Destiny is always the perfect subject. I had lots of fun turning her into a fairy, and then putting my new little fairy into two different surroundings. These digital collages are the results.

Destiny Fairy Digital Art

Destiny Captured Fairy Digital Art

I love my  little Destiny fairy in a jar. The photo I used is from last Easter. I need to play around with some newer photos. :) But I loved in that dress, so I figured I'd just use it again for experimenting in PSP. I sure had fun!