Snowman Face Ornie

As I was decorating my Christmas tree the other day, I came across this country primitive ornie that I'd made for a swap a few years ago, but hadn't photographed it at the time. I thought it'd be a nice addition to the blog so I snapped a photo while I was thinking about it. I made this for a country primitive ornies swap through an online community I belonged to.

Snowman Face Prim Ornie

I started with 2 pieces of an off-white felt that I'd cut to the size and shape I wanted. Then I spritzed them with my special grungy sauce mix--though not too much, because I wanted him to be just little a little bit grungy, rather than dirty. ;) I then baked them in a warm oven for about 10 minutes or so, flipping them once, until they were fully dry.

Next I cut orange pieces of felt for each snowman's nose. Then I stitched on the nose, and then stitched on 2 buttons to be the eyes. I kept the mouth very simple and just stitched a series of X's for his smile.

After all the facial features were complete I stitched three sides, added just a bit of fiberfill to round out the face a bit, then stitched the rest of the way on the outside edges of the felt. And I finished each one off  with a green and ivory gingham fabric strip for hanging.

I love the simplicity of country primitive crafts. They are just full of warmth and fun and have a sense of home. And these particular ornies are so easy to make. I think I had to make about 15 or 20 of them for the swap I was in, and it didn't take me all that long to complete them all. And my smiling snowman looks sweet on my tree too!

I've also linked this project up at the Sassy sites blog for their Christmas Creations Using Fabric Challenge. Be sure to take a peek at their blog to see lots of other wonderful and creative holiday fabric creations!