Paris Arches Altered Hang Tag

This altered hangtag was inspired by the Gingersnap Creations Random Redhead Challenge for November, the theme of which is Arches. I'd never done anything with arches before this, so I wasn't exactly sure how I'd approach it. But I decided to use my love of all things Paris to help me find my way, and I'm very pleased with the result.

Paris Arches Altered Tag

I started with a plain white hangtag that I then covered with some photographic scrapbook paper that I'd gotten as part of a travel kit at Hobby Lobby recently. I'd forgotten I even had it actually, but found it when I was skimming through my paper supply and knew it would be perfect for this challenge. It has a blue-gray tint to it, so I worked with that as the focal color for the hangtag.

Next I began to add the embellishments: an Eiffel Tower sticker,  a vintage style Paris postmark stamp, a dimensional butterfly sticker that I added some blue highlights to, some postage stamp stickers, and another dimensional sticker as well. I also added a sticker with the word Paris on it...I like having a text element in most of my pieces anyway. Then I finished the hangtag off with some blue rhinestone gems and a light blue organdy ribbon.

C'est magnifique, no? LOL :)