I Spy a Fox

The Hubs and I didn't just see Barns when we went on our Sunday drive over the weekend. We also saw something I've never seen in the 29 years that I've lived in northwest Ohio: a Fox! He was on my right, out in a field, when the Hubs and I both saw him at the same time. So we slowed down and then pulled off the road in order to get a better look. The fox was heading toward the road, seeming to want to cross the street. I took a few photos as he wandered along. Then he sat down in the field and just looked at me, with the sun setting behind him.

Fox at Sunset 1 Digital Photo

Fox at Sunset 2 Digital Photo

He sat there for a little bit just looking at me, until he finally got up the courage to cross the road. He sure was beautiful. And it was so neat to see a Fox that close up, and one that didn't seem to mind having his picture taken either. 

I wish I always had that kind of luck when I have my camera with me, especially considering that this part of Ohio is really not very scenic. But hey, I'll take what I can get. Hopefully I find even more wonderful things to photograph this summer.